Opening of youth accommodation

On June 1, 2022, we were invited to the official opening of a youth shelter for the Nuremberg Barracudas. As reported, we had donated 4 PCs to the facility. Our Spencer also organized desks.

On the day of the opening, however, we had to realize that everything had been thought of, except for multiple sockets, so that the kids sat in front of the black monitors, a little confused.

So Jela and Lars went straight to the nearest electronics store and bought 4 multiple sockets and 2 extension cables. PCs and monitors were connected, Wi-Fi set up and the young people were no longer to be seen outside for the time being.

Money alone doesn’t always help. It is often important to be right in the middle of things instead of just being there and helping out quickly in order to make children a little bit happy. The kids then also changed the wallpaper first ^^

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