Transport assistance and PC for former Afghan local staff in German development cooperation

At the beginning of July, we received an urgent request for a transporter via the “” network. None of the “usual” contacts up until now had a transporter, and there was nothing suitable to get from the rental companies – and it was urgent.

What happened? After 8 months of emergency accommodation, Jawid and his family (wife, one toddler, one baby) were given a (beautiful, newly renovated) 3-room apartment practically without notice. There were also vouchers for household effects and furniture -but  the corresponding used goods depots were de facto empty. There was no official help to find your way around in the very different German society, neither things like “register electricity” nor how to find your way around were explained.

Fortunately, dear neighbors in the district, including the sister of a member, took care of the matter and were also able to organize private furniture donations (beds, tables, washing machine and so on) from Fürth, but unfortunately no vehicle. Through our contact with the water polo players from 1.FCN swimming / Post SV, we had provided PCs for accommodation there, we were able to use the team bus at short notice – thank you again!

So a large “sprinter” – the vehicle had to be picked up at the “Stadionbad”, seats also had to be removed and reinstalled – and a private car drove to Fürth and three women, our member Thomas and the donor dragged the things from the basement into the vehicle. Driving to Nuremberg and then also to the apartment – fortunately there was a lift – was the easier part of the work.

Since Jawid and his wife – both academics – only had simple smartphones, we also provided a PC with a monitor and WLAN stick. The sister of our member and her husband continue to take care of the family, a kitchen will be available in the next few days and support will also be provided with administrative procedures.



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