Transport assistance and PC for former Afghan local staff in German development cooperation

At the beginning of July, we received an urgent request for a transporter via the “nebenan.de” network. None of the “usual” contacts up until now had a transporter, and there was nothing suitable to get from the rental companies – and it was urgent. What happened? After 8 months of emergency accommodation, Jawid and his

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We have something to share

In the meantime, more than 30 computers with monitors, keyboards and mice are ready for distribution – but how do you get to those who really need them? We didn’t want to simply hand the computers over to another club either, so Spencer set himself the task of looking for suitable recipients through private contacts

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hardware for children

The pictures of the women and children fleeing the Ukraine made it clear to our member Spencer relatively quickly that, after being admitted to Germany, PCs were urgently needed in addition to the “usual” aids (food, clothing, food, care). – namely PCs, not notebooks. Why PCs and not notebooks? Well, that’s relatively easy to explain:

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Founding a club

If you get pledges of donations relatively quickly, then you ask yourself how you should bag everything in a legally secure manner – on the one hand, so that the tax authorities don’t hit their fingers, on the other hand, so that the donors can see what happens to the donations.< /p> No sooner said

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Aid transport to Medyka

When it became clear at the beginning of March that millions of people would make their way west from Ukraine as a result of Russia’s attack on Ukraine, it quickly became clear that help was needed. It was also clear that the large aid organizations needed lead time in order to be able to take

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