hardware for children

The pictures of the women and children fleeing the Ukraine made it clear to our member Spencer relatively quickly that, after being admitted to Germany, PCs were urgently needed in addition to the “usual” aids (food, clothing, food, care). – namely PCs, not notebooks.

Why PCs and not notebooks?

Well, that’s relatively easy to explain: many children continue to receive tuition from their old school – or another Ukrainian school – via distance learning. In order to follow the teacher and the scholar on the one hand, but also to work on the PC on the other hand, a correspondingly large screen is required.

A notebook is always too small, it is also more susceptible to damage (drinks falling over, etc.) and the physical proximity between the keyboard, touchpad and screen is anything but ergonomic.

We have already received a first donation of PCs and monitors from near Würzburg, and we have already been promised a larger load of 24″ monitors from Frankfurt.

So we’re looking for hardware now, if you have anything left, please get in touch.

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